Nuggets of Philosophy, Observations, Attitude Mined from the Mother Lode

After consolidating much of my writings into three books, having been crafted together from journal entries written over a period of 30 years plus, it seems that my time as a journal keeper has, for the most part, come to pass.

Although there are more writings in the works, since I am no longer generating journal entries I decided that I couldn’t put my journals into hibernation until I first extracted the remaining nuggets of wisdom and interesting commentary from my journals that never made their way into my other books.

Certainly all of what is to be found here is not profound, but whatever may not be profound in and of itself, is a profound search for that wisdom or at least humbly for improvement and understanding.

The book’s “chapters” are categories I have separated the journal entries into; groupings that are not absolute but generally fit the title of that category. And I have given most entries a title, a little something that relates to the subject matter, which was not necessarily what I was thinking or perhaps reflective of what I was feeling when I wrote it, but I felt that it would make the entries more accessible.

With only a few exceptions this book is all journal entries as they were originally written. Keeping this in mind, the reader will notice that many of the entries are ramblings of a seeking mind and not prepared with the idea of being presented to someone else.

Truth? Wisdom? You decide.

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