Books by Other Authors

As of yet the only books that I have published from another author are my mother’s writings.

A War Bride’s Memoirs

by Audrey Brown

My mother, Audrey Brown, was born in London in 1920. She lived in London and in Bath during the war and experienced the German Blitzkrieg. She met my father, an American soldier, while he was there. When the war was over she sailed on a ship, the S.S. Argentina, a ship whose entire cargo was war brides, to America. She then made her away across the country to Washington state where she reunited with my Dad and started a family.

Her childhood years are richly covered with quite a bit about life as a middle class British family; not what we would think of as middle class now here. Her bond with her mother is well portrayed, though not as such; just that it is clear. The war period is very interesting, as are the travels en route from England to Washington. Once safe in Washington, the books coverage of her life is sparser but takes the reader through some difficult times. The book is packed with detailed stories of the curious, the whimsical and of disconcerting. Also the atmosphere of the places these stories take place is well conveyed.

This book is available as an eBook and in printed form.
The content of both books is the same but the printed books look
(and feel) better.        (See the back cover below)

The eBook sells for $4.99
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The printed version is 164 pages
Find this book at it’s page: A War Bride’s Memoirs

The Adventures of Spunky, Bim, and Pip

I also have a collection of some more of my mother’s writings. They include a series of children’s poetry called The Adventures of Spunky, Bim, and Pip, poems suitable for the very young, probably to be read aloud to them. Its main characters are a dog, a cat and a mouse. The cat chases the mouse but never catches it. They all live in the same house that seems to be pretty rural considering their outdoor adventures. They make many new friends and acquaintances during their adventures. A piglet, a lizard, rabbits, and more. It’s light with an overall aura of goodness and camaraderie.

The Adventures of Spunky, Bim, and Pip is also available as an eBook. It is free. Download it in the shop. A print version is not yet for sale. It needs illustrations, I think. If there is someone who would like to collaborate on cute drawings or paintings of animals in a rural setting, please get in touch with me.

Back Cover of A War Bride’s Memoirs