Massage Tables Sales Pitch

If you build a table of my design and do your work well, what you will have when done is described below in my sales pitch from the days of yore.

• My tables will not squeak or wiggle. The nature of their design is such that there is really virtually no wear and tear on the structural parts. Recently I have seen some of my tables that are 15 years old and they are as solid as they ever were.

• The tables are all hand built by me. I also designed them myself. I have sold over 200, mostly about 25 years ago, when building them was my sole livelihood for a number of years.

• What makes them so strong and durable is that the diagonal braces that hold the leg units in place are single solid pieces of wood that slip onto 1/4” bolts and are held on by wing-nuts. The legs hinge on 5/16” bolts and after the braces are on, a quick twist of a wing nut tightens the legs there also. Once together there is no play at all and no wear. They are silent and will not wiggle at all. No plastic bushings or anything of that sort to wear out.

• The legs are poplar and the braces are alder. The frame is clear grain fir. All corners are reinforced with an oak block. The corners of the frame are also doweled together. The dowels run perpendicular to the length of the table so they don’t loosen through any lengthwise movement on the table, as I’ve seen on some tables of other brands that I have repaired for people.

• They are 6’ long and 30” wide. They have 5 different height settings; ranging in 1,1/2” increments from 28” to 34”.

• They are covered with tough naugahyde vinyl. The corners are hand sewn and backed with rip-stop nylon so they won’t come apart. The corners and edges of the frame are rounded and sanded so the foam and vinyl won’t wear against a sharp or rough edge.

• They weigh approximately 32 pounds.

• Headrests are optional. The headrests are 3 pad headrests. Each pad slides and swivels so it can be adjusted by the massagee before the massage to their individual comfort. The forehead pad slides forward and backwards (lengthwise, as the table runs) and the side pads slide right and left.