Golden Galaxies

Here you will find books by myself, Roger Golden Brown... as well as an astral cluster of other services.


• At Golden Galaxy Publications you will find books written by me as well as books written by other authors, published by me.

• Check out my author's interview at

• I offer publishing services. Let me help you publish. Get your book or writings out there!

• There are Board Games of my design for sale.

• I offer bilingual translating; German / English.

• I am selling plans to help you build a Massage Table of my design.

Check out my blog: the politcal spectrum of my writing. Commentary on world events and the condition of humanity. With a focus on the wide-spread hypnosis and failure to see outside the standard paradigms.


Only the road and the dawn, the sun,
the wind, and the rain.
And the watch fire under stars,
and sleep, and the road again.

- John Masefield