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Post March 2020 Note: From now until it is no longer necessary I am putting much of my energy into undermining the current Covid activated coup against humanity. Please check out my Quasar website where I am publishing articles and research looking into many aspects of the madness. Hopefully peace will out.

• At Golden Galaxy Publications you will find books of mine for sale.

 March, 2024 Note: At this time my paperback books are no long being sold in the Brazilian jungle. I hope to release them soon through other channels, probably one by one over the next couple of months. The eBooks for all are, however, still available.

• Check out my author’s interview at

• I offer publishing services. Let me help you publish. Get your book or writings out there!

• There are Board Games of my design for sale (or will be).

• I offer bilingual translating; German / English.

• I am selling plans to help you build a Massage Table of my design.

Only the road and the dawn, the sun,
the wind, and the rain.
And the watch fire under stars,
and sleep, and the road again.

– John Masefield