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Since March, 2020 my focus has been to research and learn and write about aspects of the madness and dysfunctionality that is the heart of the Trojan Horse that Covid is. First that was manifested in my eBook, The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources. (Click on that in the menu for more info and a free download.)

Since Fall, 2020 my efforts have been directed at creating Covid Related Specific Topic PDFs. (For more on those and for free downloads click on that in the menu.)

In addition the newest posts (category “Covid” in the Categories list) are sure to be related to aspects of the top down new normal being imposed on us. I see myself doing that for as long as it takes.

The older posts are pre-Covid writings, more oriented to addressing the American Empire.

Following is my original blurb for this site sharing my orientation:

This website will not be hard news but rather my take on the news; often looking for what the reality is underneath the bullshit story that is the entertainment proffered by mainstream news.

Further, I want to look at the human side of events. Our society is defined by paradigms that lock it into destructive patterns. Normal superficial news media gets mileage off of problems and issues but never bothers to find out why these issues exist. The most perfect example would be stories about financial issues. The shortcomings of capitalism is usually the cause, but when is the last time you heard a new reporter suggest an alternative?

There is almost always really important stuff behind the current events, but they don’t want you to think about that. I do.

For my not so political side (the side I’d like to feature in my life if the people in power weren’t so atrociuos), go to my Golden Galaxies website.

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