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October, 2022 Note: I hope to start producing original video content on my Quasar BitChute channel soon. Much will be complimented by documents posted here. Until then, check out the videos I’ve posted. See the index with links to all the videos in the Right Sidebar »»»

Note regarding the content on this website: All of my content since the rollout of Covid is related to the current ongoing Global Coup and does not appear as posts, but rather in the form of PDFs for ease of downloading and distributing and can be found under the following 7 menu items:

Climate Change ??? – this most recently added menu item is the home of the 12 PDFs that make up my most recent project: Human Caused Climate Change? A Skeptical Look at the Narrative.  Also find a few other climate related items here.

Global Coup Related Specific Topic PDFs – each is a dive into a single topic or closely related topics with information and lots of quotes presented in a item by item bullet point format with footnotes for every source.

Source PDFs for Global Coup Related Topics – PDFs that are on specific topics but with minimal narrative or quotes; mostly just lots of sources to be explored.

Articles Related to the Global Coup – writings, usually without links or with only the occasional links and quotes; my take on aspects of the crisis.

Others’ Words and Works – some relevant material or links to material that I did not write. Some of the PDFs on this page, though the content is from others, are documents that I have, in some cases organized, and have reformatted as PDFs to make them and their links easily accessible.

PDF Library – a library of downloadable PDFs ranging from studies and scientific papers to documents published by the bad actors themselves and more.

• Rog’s Quasar Video Channels – This page is downloadable PDFs related to videos posted on my 3 video channels (which all have the same content). So far the content is reposting of others’ video, but original content is coming soon.

• Note that some of the Most Recently Added or Updated PDFs are linked to in the Right Sidebar »»»

I also have several video channels that, unfortunately, don’t yet have original content (hopefully coming soon) but has some good stuff I have reposted. Check them out: Quasar BitChute Channel, Quasar Rumble Channel, Quasar Odysee Channel

A note on the use of the word “Covid”:

I initially used the word “Covid” in the title of my eBook and then as a description of the types of PDFs I have been generating because it was, at least in the public’s eye, the BIG thing that was happening. I have since decided it would be better to replace the word “Covid” with “Global Coup” because that’s what is really happening; Covid being the chosen psyop tactic that leveraged it. Hence some of my previous documents have been retitled with “Global Coup” replacing “Covid”.

March, 2020 I dove into researching and learning about aspects of the madness and dysfunctionality (to put it diplomatically) that is the Covid Scam. First that was manifested in putting together my eBook, The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources. (Click on that in the menu for more info and a free download.)

Since Fall, 2020 my efforts have been directed at creating a variety of other documents (PDFs) addressing many aspects of the ongoing Global Coup. All of the PDFs are downloadable. Please do download them and pass them on to anyone who you think they might benefit.

Following is my original pre-Covid blurb for this site sharing my orientation as it was and still is:

This website will not be hard news but rather my take on the news; often looking for what the reality is underneath the bullshit story that is the entertainment proffered by mainstream news.

Further, I want to look at the human side of events. Our society is defined by paradigms that lock it into destructive patterns. Normal superficial news media gets mileage off of problems and issues but never bothers to find out why these issues exist.

There is almost always really important stuff behind the current events, but they don’t want you to think about that. I do.

For my not so political side (the side I’d like to feature in my life if the people in power weren’t on such a rampage as they are now), go to my Golden Galaxies website.

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  1. Susan Ehret says:

    Thank you for all of your meticulous work!

  2. Karin Tscholl says:

    Really helpful summaries of what is going on, thank you so much!

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