33 Years of Dreams

Life’s Nighttime Narrative

Why would anybody want to read someone else’s dreams? Good question but why would anybody want to read anyone else’s poetry? They are the same, in a way; kind of cryptic non-linear stories that take images and create something to be felt and interpreted. I published my dreams mostly to have them in paperback on my own bookshelf but on the odd chance that anyone else wants to read them, they are available.

Back in my 20’s I used to paint for a living from time to time. Many times while painting I’d get into a nice rhythm and notice that in my head little dream scenes were playing. Not “daydreaming”, which is kind of fantasizing, rather actual little impossible crazy scenes exactly like nighttime dreams and not associated with any conscious thoughts whatsoever.

It is my belief that we are always dreaming and are not usually aware of it because most of the time it is drowned out by two things mainly; one, the predominance of our senses and two, our agendas. By agendas I mean our daily plans and our self images that we maintain, both which kick in full bore once we wake up; everything that creates the structure we have erected and hold onto as our lives.

Crazy our dreams might be, but that doesn’t mean they are not by design. Our primary goal here on the planet is to improve ourselves and become more harmonious participants in the community of humanity. Towards this end, we must explore ourselves. The conscious mind can only handle so much information at once. But in cryptic and game messages so much essence can be absorbed. Dreams function this way to spark ourselves to be expansive and inquisitive much in the same ways that riddles and the teachings of mystery schools do.

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March, 2024 Note: At this time my paperback books are no long being sold in the Brazilian jungle. I have republished them with Draft2Digital, except not this book yet. But check in just in case at the book’s page: 33 Years of Dreams

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