Money for Art

Buying a book, I’ll tell you right now, is good for your health.

Though it may seem, on the surface, to compromise your wealth.

A book you can open, and read and reread, whatever you find.

You’ll get a new meaning, with each day’s new light, and that’s good for your mind.

A penny saved, is a penny earned, so they’ve always told you.

But listen carefully, to what I say to you now, and you’ll know it rings true.

Reading the words in a book, is like a walk in the woods, and good for your heart.

And spending those pennies, will free your soul, if spent to buy art.

Printed Books

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I have also published 4 more books than those shown elsewhere on this site that are only available as eBooks and are all oriented towards world affairs. They are all free. Check them out.

One great thing about Smashwords is that if you buy an eBook from Smashwords you can go back later and download any newer version that may be available since with eBooks authors have the ability to update their books as they wish. And I do update the world affairs oriented eBooks occasionally.