Heading Out

Cosmic and Cryptic Poetry and Prose

Head out into the land of cosmic and cryptic poetry and prose. Feel the longings of the body and soul. Challenge the paradigms of society. Hunger for the natural life on a thriving planet. Seek balance. Look for real sanity and true love. And while you are at, have some fun, why don’t you.

Read these poems for what they are. Words. Crafted together (I give myself too much credit) from all the words I know and some I don’t know. Most of them just spilled out of me, needing just a little shaping to become something I liked (usually). I think they all mean something and say something, though I’m not sure. Read them, be sure you know what they are about…. or not. Agree, disagree, be challenged, be amused, be turned on. And hopefully enjoy. Maybe they will help you find your way home (if that’s where you want to go).

Most of the poetry in Heading Out spilled out of my mind and pen during a prolific period of lyric writing in the 1980’s and 90’s. I was compelled to compile it into a book but as it turned out it would be a while until it became available in eBook and print form. In the interim I had a brief era in the 2000’s where I wrote a handful of new poems and prose of a very different flavor; these perhaps a little looser. Finally I include a section of poemlets and writings dredged up from the way back.

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