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After writing / compiling the eBook, The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources, my new project, aimed at spreading information related to the Global Coup’s unfolding with the Covid response assault on humanity, is to make Global Coup Related Specific Topic PDFs. Each is on a different aspect; a particular issue, person, or organization. The information is in sections with a clickable table of contents, compiled in an easy to read bullet point format with linked footnotes for all information; as much as possible from the horse’s mouth.

Also at the top of the list is a PDF, “What is Referenced in My PDFs”, that shows the contents (often the Table of Contents) of each individual PDF. This will be updated as more PDFs are added.

Click their titles below to read and/or download them.

Here are the downloadable PDFs listed. For descriptions of each, scroll down.

Updated October 27, 2022

Updated December 23, 2022


• Moderna and the mRNA Vaccine

This PDF covers the company Moderna and its (and others’) experimental new type of vaccine using mRNA, messenger RNA. It also looks at their connections and funding, DARPA among others. And a look at their corruption.

• How Does Covid-19 Compare? Is it Extraordinary?

This PDF looks at Covid’s death count and compares it to that of other pandemics and other causes of death which are preventable and treatable. It also looks at how new special protocols for recording Covid on death certificates contributes to inflated numbers.

• The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is an organization with an incredible amount of money, power, and influence who would like to see the world and society dramatically altered. Their vision is one where stakeholders (an elite club) would oversee the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a future in which a high level of technology will dominate every aspect of life. To that end they are now actively championing the Great Reset to take advantage of the economic and social chaos brought on by the response to Covid, to bring in the new normal of technology and transhumanism. This PDF looks at the WEF’s extensive history and its connections to power and authority.

• Vaccines and the Vaccine Industry – Some Food for Thought

Vaccines are big big business. The industry has tremendous influence over the message that we get about vaccines. This PDF is far from comprehensive but looks at some aspects of vaccines and the vaccine industry that one will never see on mainstream news. The table of contents of the PDF:

Are Vaccines a Modern Life Saving Miracle?

Two Studies That Indicate Vaccines Compromise Health

The Lack of Integrity in the Vaccine Industry

Governments and Health Authorities Are in Bed with Vaccine Makers

Vaccine Propaganda

Operation Warp Speed

The Rushed Covid Vaccine, Mandatory Vaccines

• The Technocrats and Technocracy

Anyone paying any attention at all is aware that the influence of the wealthy elite has grown immensely; a handful of corporations have come to control almost all of the media, influencing not just what “news” we get to hear (and what we don’t get to hear), but how we feel about it. Mom and Pop businesses have been steadily replaced with big box stores and now, online shopping. The influx of the big box world and more and more technology into our lives is only part of the technocrats’ world view, or agenda; what’s at the heart of it is organizing the world in a technical fashion engineered by “experts” and private entities outside of the messiness of democracy and a democratic dialogue.

• Transhumanism

Technocrats wants to socially engineer society with the technocrats themselves deciding for us what that will look like, without the consensus of the people involved. Transhumanists want to physically engineer the human body, seeing it as improved by technological enhancement. This PDF is an introduction to transhumanism and a look at the their technocratic tendencies. Society and being human itself are being mechanized.

• Lies and Deceptions by the CDC and the WHO

The intent of this PDF is to provide some information that should clearly indicate that neither the CDC nor the WHO has any credibility. They both lie, they are both in bed with Big Pharma and both have agendas; they do not ultimately serve the people as a top priority. And they are both misrepresenting the reality of the situation regarding Covid.

• The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC has a tremendous amount of power now. They are using the leverage of their authority and taking advantage of people’s general ignorance of who they are to manipulate the populace using fear. We are told to trust the science. What that seems to have come to mean is trust the authorities; leave it to the professionals. Unfortunately the CDC is not very forthcoming and the mainstream media fails completely to educate the public about their shortcomings. This PDF will attempt to provide enough information about their history, what they do and don’t do, and who they serve so that it should be clear that the organization lacks credibility.

• The World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (also called the WHO or just WHO) has been around for a long time. As an international body supported by most countries of the world, the question of where the WHO gets its authority is obvious, however this PDF will still look at the connections and relationships with other individuals, corporations, and governments that contribute to the WHO’s reach and influence. In the last few decades the globalization of the world has brought many players together who work in concert. Tied with the United Nations and supported heavily by Bill Gates and having a close and friendly relationship with Big Pharma, the WHO is a powerful player in the Global Coup.

• The PCR Test

The CDC and the media have engaged in mission creep; from 2 weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve, to finally in late summer increasing the fear factor because of cases while the death count indicated that the “pandemic” was long over. And at the center of the whole thing is PCR, a process fraudulently being used as a test. The results of the PCR tests are driving the narrative and being used all over the United States and around the world to justify draconian lockdowns. But the PCR test has a number of issues, the most obvious of which is the amount of false positives given at high cycle counts, which most PCR tests are set at. This PDF presents information that illuminates the dissembling that has been and is being used to manufacture a case epidemic (casedemic).

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