Quasar PDF Library – Studies, Papers, Patents, etc. Relevant to the Global Coup

Note: The entire Quasar PDF Library had been overhauled. Almost all of the documents below have been reworked and reorganized and published anew with links to lots more PDFs, today, January 10, 2023.

This is a library of PDFs including studies, papers, and other documents relevant to the coup that is currently underway, many of them from the horse’s mouth of some of the major players involved with the coup; a modest attempt to preserve and make available PDFs on many subjects relevant to the current slide into technocratic tyranny, as original source documents are being disappeared regularly.

Think of each of the titles below as sections of a library, each being a collection of links to PDFs relative to a particular aspect of the current crisis.

Although you could use the below documents online (one would always have to be careful and open each link in a new window), much better would be to download them to your computer and be able to use it as a resource at your leisure.

All of these PDFs that I have accumulated and offer here are or were freely available on the internet. Many were linked to in articles I have read or in show notes from videos I have watched. Others were found by rummaging around on the internet. There is a bit of randomness as offering them in this way was an afterthought; having originally just collected them as I was doing research.

I will be updating these documents with more material from time to time, and when I do I will note the date of the update under its button.

Major Update: June 19, 2023 – Coming soon, a huge project, Human Caused Climate Change? A Skeptical Look at the Narrative. Look for the PDF in the menu under Climate Change ???

This document is a list, in order of appearance in the video, of PDFs that were referred to in the video, The End of Germ Theory.

Above are two extensive sources for geoengineering and climate related PDFs. The first is a lengthy list of patents originally published on the Geoengineering Watch website. The second is a lengthy list of documents (mostly PDFs) also originally published on the Geoengineering Watch website.

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