Sources PDFs for Global Coup Related Topics

Each PDF on this page is a document of sources for Global Coup related topics. The sources include articles and videos, some of which contain opinion but which also provide documented information. Other sources include such things as patents and government documents. Also included are documents from the horse’s mouth; published by the bad actors themselves.

Each one will be on a specific topic. All the sources are linked; click on them to go to the source. As always don’t take my or anybody’s word for anything outright. Realize your own agency and recognize that trust in information can be nuanced.

Click their titles below to read and/or download them. Occasionally these documents will be updated, and when I do I will note the date of the update under its button.

Here are the downloadable PDFs listed. For descriptions of each, scroll down.

Updated: December 1, 2022

Updated: January 15, 2023


The Top 100 REASONS to Nix the WHO – A Deep Dive into the Proposed Treaty & Amendments

James Roguski has been doing incredible work keeping up with the World Health Organization’s attempt to dramatically increase their control over all things in any way related to health, worldwide. He put together “The Top 100 REASONS to #StopTheTreaty, #StopTheAmendments, and #ExitTheWHO“. (Find a PDF version of the Top 100 Reasons here .) In this document I include the WHO’s text that he referenced, so you can really get a look at the language; both the in new “treaty” they are drafting and in the proposals for language to be added to or deleted from the existing International Health Regulations.

• WHO (World Health Organization) Sneak Attack – Sources for the Video

This document is the companion document to a video interview originally on CHD (Children’s Health Defense) TV, January 14, 2023 by Meryl Nass with James Corbett about the wheels that are already well in motion inside the WHO to consolidate a world-wide health policy with them dictating the response to health issues for the planet.

• Rog’s Directory of Fighters for Liberty in the Battle Against Tyranny

This document provides links, along with brief introductions for each one, to websites of people and organizations who I believe are important players in the fight against the creeping tyranny we are facing. They are grouped in categories: Information and Activism Against the Global Coup – Websites with Vast Amounts of Information and/or Links – Climate, Geoengineering – Medical Groups and Alliances – Vaccine, Injection Specific – Counter-narrative to Virology – Networking, Community, Spiritual – Legal Professionals – Groups and Individuals Who Focus on a Particular Aspect – Real Journalists

• Fallout from the Covid “Vaccines” – Sources for Data and Analysis

This PDF is in four parts. The first part, Vaccine Injury Data Sources, will provide sources for data about adverse events. The second part, Reports Based on and Interpretation of the Data, will provide links to people who are digging into the data themselves. The third part, Testimonials, will be links to sites that feature individuals’ testimonies about their experiences. The fourth part, Articles and Videos, is links to more related material.

• Geoengineering Weather Modification Patents

• Documents Related to Geoengineering Weather Modification

These PDFs are both lists of linked sources originally published on the Geoengineering Watch website; lots of evidence of and material to explore, regarding the history and the current weather modification being done.

• The WEF’s Young Global Leaders, Extensive List by Categories

This PDF is a companion to the other PDF below about the Young Global Leaders program. This one is simply an extensive list of Young Global Leaders with many more names, descriptions of who they are, and organized into categories. A powerful tool for exposing the conspiracy as not being theory.

• Sources for The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders

Started in 1992 by Klaus Schwab, initially called the Global Leaders of Tomorrow, and becoming the Forum of Young Global Leaders in 2004, it is essentially a school for people groomed to take positions of power and influence all over the world. Shown in links and lists, their graduates include many names you will recognize, not surprisingly totally on board with the Covid narrative and draconian measures.

• The Technocratic Commodifying of the Earth is Under Way

This document is the companion document to a November 24, 2021 video interview by James Corbett with Whitney Webb (linked to below) about the wheels that are already well in motion to commodify the earth. This is not new but post “pandemic” it is accelerating as saving the earth from climate change, we are told, will require sacrifices and leadership from on high.

James Corbett Interview – Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet

• Sources for Mask Studies

This document contains links to numerous studies about masks. For a few of them I have included a short excerpt from the study but most of them are just the linked titles of the studies. Check them out for yourself.

• Sources for Bill Gates

Many links to articles and videos about Bill Gates and his funded enterprises and his shared efforts with other players, as well as some links to information such as grants and projects.

• Bill Gates Buys His Reputation by Funding Media

An extensive list of Bill Gates’ “donations” to media outlets.

• Sources for the Psychology of the Covid Driven Compliance

This provides sources to learn about Mattias Desmet and his Mass Formation theory and has a section of sources from a variety of authors about conformity, compliance, and lack of agency. There is also a section on Stanley Milgram’s experiments about following orders from authority figures. Finally, there are sources looking at cult psychology and how it relates to the current situation.

• Media Terror Tactic – The Hospitals Are Overwhelmed!

Back in mid 2020 I did an internet search for “hospitals overwhelmed” and put in a random year. I found that for almost any year in the last three decades articles and videos can be found documenting the overwhelming of hospitals, usually with a good shock tenor to the narrative. Along with the linked titles, indented text under the titles are excerpts from the articles.

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