Socialism or Fascism: A look at the inevitable result of capitalism and how we really have a choice

The concept of Socialism has begun to become a topic of discussion in America recently as we witness the absolute failure of the current economic system to meet people’s needs.

And it seems to be so controversial. I hear over and over again how it’s such a far out idea. Or the specter of the Soviet Union is evoked. But I have noticed that the even those who are more open minded about it fail completely to elucidate the reason why it is the answer.

Before I put the simplicity of it in words let me preface it by pointing out how capitalism is wrong down to the bones. As a society we claim to have certain values that I do believe people have in their heart of hearts. And good caring thoughtful parents will try and impress these values on their children. These are values such as learning to play well with others. To share with other children. To help others in need. To be honest.

And then when we grow up, we are taught that in the “real world” all those things won’t work. Greed becomes necessary as one learns that they can’t expect help from others.

So here it is:

Socialism not only will work; it is the only system that can work. The idea that a system based on caring for each other and helping each other and looking out for the greater good can’t work – is insane. Totally insane.

The system we now have prioritizes gross national product rather than values. Leisure time, the arts, and community events are all filler in between the standard of making money and collecting things.

The system empowers an elite class (it always has and always will – it’s baked in) who decide how everything is organized and imposes their order on the vast majority of the population.

This elite class locks the system in by controlling the resources, the means of production, the media, the finances, and the government; they make all the rules.

This is fascism.

Either we all work together as equals with intent towards bettering each other’s lives (socialism) or we don’t and instead we accept a class of elites who get to make the rules (fascism).

Unfortunately the paradigm of capitalism is so pervasive that it is common that idealists, such as believers in socialism, are put down by many as not living in the “real world”, while the critics of these idealists argue for behavior that is contrary to their own ideals and works against their own interests.

The answer is simple.

How can doing the right thing possibly not work?!!

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