The Geojumping Game

Portals stems from my fascination I have had with the common city and town names that exist in many different states around the U.S. The goal in the game is to travel from Bellingham in the far Northwest to Key West in the far Southwest. Each player has 2 vehicles. Each turn, 2 dice are rolled and are used for one vehicle or split between the two. There are many routes to choose from. Along the way are Portal Cities. The red dots on the lines. At each Portal City a die is rolled and the resulting number determines to what other city of the same name somewhere else in the country the player geojumps to.

Along the highways there are also other colored dots that, if landed on, require the player to draw a card and respond to its instructions. There are certain rules restricting how easy it is to get out of the NW and also into the SE in order to prevent runaways. In all the games I’ve played, in almost every game the winner wins by only a turn or a few. Early on, generally, it is desired to geojump in order to advance, but as the game proceeds geojumping is usually avoided because of the risk of being sent back west or far north. However, given the roll of the dice, the player sometimes has to choose between the lesser of evils.

There are several alternate versions I have developed. One is a very long game unless it is played in teams. Two teams of two or two teams of three. In that version it is required that each player or team visit all 48 states. Sorry. No Alaska or Hawaii.

The game generally takes about 2 hours or so with 3 or 4 players.

(The game is geographically accurate. All Portal Cities in the game really exist more or less where they are shown on the board.)

Portals has not yet been commercially produced. So far, I have made several copies by hand, but it is very labor intensive. It would be very expensive to make one for sale, but it is a possibility. If you are interested in learning more about the game, please contact me.


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