The Truth Seeker's Handbook

A Spiritual Guide for Life on Earth

The Truth Seeker’s Handbook is a guide for experiencing life, looking at it and asking questions. Be present, be observant and be sincere. I call it a spiritual guide because the desire to commune and to harmonize is really what spirit is all about. Everything is and all of us are energy. Add to that personality and you have a recipe for movement. And that is really the big question, isn’t it. As we move do we move in harmony or do we meet resistance? I don’t claim to have all of the answers, I too am seeker. But there have been those moments when clarity reared its beautiful head and what seemed to be truth shone through. I have learned in my life that when I have epiphanies or see something clearly that what is most important is the feeling, the energy I feel at that moment; something in my whole being that says this is real. And when that happens, and further down the line I am struggling and looking back and doubting what I saw then, I remember the knowing and validate the experience. In this way what we learn is not lost. In this book I share what I believe to be true. But more importantly, I hope to provoke your thoughts and open up a dialogue.

The Truth Seeker’s Handbook is written in 4 parts.

Themes” consists of a number of themes that developed naturally from my journals writings that go to some of the core issues of life.

Earth in Peril” is a look at the inner relationship that we have with the planet and the reasons why we do harm to our home.

True Stories” is just that; a few tales from my life and of some of the serendipity I have experienced and the interesting people I have encountered.

Reminders” is a collection of short entries that are perhaps philosophy if they are deep enough to qualify as that; references for daily living.



Heading Out

Cosmic and Cryptic Poetry and Prose

Head out into the land of cosmic and cryptic poetry and prose. Feel the longings of the body and soul. Challenge the paradigms of society. Hunger for the natural life on a thriving planet. Seek balance. Look for real sanity and true love. And while you are at, have some fun, why don’t you.

Read these poems for what they are. Words. Crafted together (I give myself too much credit) from all the words I know and some I don’t know. Most of them just spilled out of me, needing just a little shaping to become something I liked (usually). I think they all mean something and say something, though I’m not sure. Read them, be sure you know what they are about.... or not. Agree, disagree, be challenged, be amused, be turned on. And hopefully enjoy. Maybe they will help you find your way home (if that’s where you want to go).

Most of the poetry in Heading Out spilled out of my mind and pen during a prolific period of lyric writing in the 1980’s and 90’s. I was compelled to compile it into a book but as it turned out it would be a while until it became available in eBook and print form. In the interim I had a brief era in the 2000’s where I wrote a handful of new poems and prose of a very different flavor; these perhaps a little looser. Finally I include a section of poemlets and writings dredged up from the way back.




Nuggets of Philosophy, Observations, Attitude Mined from the Mother Lode

After consolidating much of my writings into three books, having been crafted together from journal entries written over a period of 30 years plus, it seems that my time as a journal keeper has, for the most part, come to pass.

Although there are more writings in the works, since I am no longer generating journal entries I decided that I couldn’t put my journals into hibernation until I first extracted the remaining nuggets of wisdom and interesting commentary from my journals that never made their way into my other books.

Certainly all of what is to be found here is not profound, but whatever may not be profound in and of itself, is a profound search for that wisdom or at least humbly for improvement and understanding.

The book’s "chapters" are categories I have separated the journal entries into; groupings that are not absolute but generally fit the title of that category. And I have given most entries a title, a little something that relates to the subject matter, which was not necessarily what I was thinking or perhaps reflective of what I was feeling when I wrote it, but I felt that it would make the entries more accessible.

With only a few exceptions this book is all journal entries as they were originally written. Keeping this in mind, the reader will notice that many of the entries are ramblings of a seeking mind and not prepared with the idea of being presented to someone else.

Truth? Wisdom? You decide.




The Love and Sex Dance

For over 20 years I wrote in journals, expressing feelings, waxing philosophic, and following threads of thoughts and emotions that lead me sometimes to understanding and sometimes to deeper quandaries.

Of course, the search for love and the desire to be close to women led to many writings in my journals. This book is the retelling of my encounters with a number of women in real time, being made up of journal entries in chronological order. Each encounter in this book is generally a period of time chronicled in my journals; some spanning a very short period of time, others longer. Most begin with entries setting the stage, as to where I am at, before the encounter and continue after as I seek resolution.

They do not include the “girlfriends” of my life; the relationships of some duration. Nor do they include all the women I have touched or who have touched me. They are, although “limited” in their duration and depth, none the less, relationships in which personal emotional patterns did play a role and which offered me opportunities to act and react with an improved self and to refine my behavior.



33 Years of Dreams

Life's Nighttime Narrative

Why would anybody want to read someone else’s dreams? Good question but why would anybody want to read anyone else’s poetry? They are the same, in a way; kind of cryptic non-linear stories that take images and create something to be felt and interpreted. I published my dreams mostly to have them in paperback on my own bookshelf but on the odd chance that anyone else wants to read them, they are available.

Back in my 20’s I used to paint for a living from time to time. Many times while painting I’d get into a nice rhythm and notice that in my head little dream scenes were playing. Not “daydreaming”, which is kind of fantasizing, rather actual little impossible crazy scenes exactly like nighttime dreams and not associated with any conscious thoughts whatsoever.

It is my belief that we are always dreaming and are not usually aware of it because most of the time it is drowned out by two things mainly; one, the predominance of our senses and two, our agendas. By agendas I mean our daily plans and our self images that we maintain, both which kick in full bore once we wake up; everything that creates the structure we have erected and hold onto as our lives.

Crazy our dreams might be, but that doesn’t mean they are not by design. Our primary goal here on the planet is to improve ourselves and become more harmonious participants in the community of humanity. Towards this end, we must explore ourselves. The conscious mind can only handle so much information at once. But in cryptic and game messages so much essence can be absorbed. Dreams function this way to spark ourselves to be expansive and inquisitive much in the same ways that riddles and the teachings of mystery schools do.



False Paradigms of the Left

How Even Forward Thinking People are Toeing the Line

This critique is aimed at the left of the political spectrum. Why the left? The reason for this is that the right is so lacking in honesty, integrity and good intentions that there is no point. On the other hand the left’s self image is that of being forward thinking and open to progressive change. When, in fact, it is just operating under a kinder and gentler mass hypnosis, and is none-the-less destructive and extremely dysfunctional. While the right is so intensely rigid, the left needs to wake up and act functionally and sanely.

The keyword here is hypnosis. I have observed when having discussions with people how common it is that people have a base set of standards that have absolutely nothing to do with functional reality; they are simply an accepted (from parents, church, teacher, scientist, authority figures) set of beliefs and accordingly behavioral patterns. Choices are made completely out of awareness. Actions are taken with the blind assumption that it's ok. And conversely when rhetoric or actions or attitudes contradict their paradigms, these are viewed as extreme, crazy, idealistic, and even dangerous. Dangerous to the status quo that is the fundament of their stability; all that the unquestioning mind has to hold onto.

Now I must say that many of the things I have been saying as a voice in the wilderness for pretty much all of my life are now being expressed more and more by many people. During the Occupy Wall Street days it became clear to me that a new generation of souls have arrived that really don't see why we can't have it all. They see ideals not as fools errands but as realistic attainable ways of life; it's just that the old assumptions, capitalism as an assumed standard for one, don't work and have to go.

This strikes fear in the hearts of those who won't let go. Broadly speaking, these people fall into two categories: those who are just plain greedy and profit from the way things are and really don't give a shit about anyone else, and those who are just too afraid to rock the boat, sometimes out of timidity and sometimes out of fear of anarchy.

To those who fear anarchy I can only say look around you. It's already here. We have corporations taking public property (forests, oil, coal, minerals, water), commandeering it, plundering it while leaving a polluted wasteland behind, then selling it back to us at an obscene profit. We have weapons manufacturers lobbying our elected officials to make war so they can turn a profit. We have people being locked up in private for-profit prisons to meet quotas made with the government.

So to the point of this booklet: The left end of the political spectrum does seem to be a little more compassionate. I'll grant them that. But the policies and social standards that they live by and argue for are, for the most part, incredibly destructive at their core.



The United States Empire and its Fall

Beyond the Myths of Exceptionalism

 The United States is currently the largest empire the world has ever known. Be it by military conquest, blackmail, or intimidation, the United States has extended its influence to every corner of the earth. As the United States government focuses so much of its resources and energy towards world domination, the needs of the people the government is supposed to represent are being neglected.

The purpose of this book is to look at the reality. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.

Much of the contents of this book is extremely critical and pretty much negative. It is not my intent to be negative just for the sake of being negative or complaining. I would much rather that we lived in a peaceful world and politicians were actually representative of the people’s will and making choices for the betterment of all.

But, that is not the case. And although I think even the majority of United States citizens would also be critical of their government, there are so many myths about the United States and our system of governance that are so widely accepted that we go merrily along in ignorance of the true scale of the United States’ actions. Foremost among the myths is the myth that our nation, although not perfect is a paragon of good. Read on, then investigate for yourself.

The book is written in 4 main parts plus a conclusion and an appendix with links to great articles, videos, and interviews relative to the fall of the empire.

1) The Decline of an Empire

Numbers that are key indicators of the extreme dysfunctionality and decay of the United States.

2) The United States Government is the Greatest Evil on Earth

A quick look at a government that has always been oriented towards the wealthy elite and has always been imperialistic but has in recent years sunk to new depths of depravity.

3) The United States is Not a Democracy - Here's How it's Not

A look at historically how the United States has never been a democracy and a look at how our government works now in a way that is actively and intentionally anti-democratic.

4) The Empire’s Collapse and the Fall of the Dollar

The dollar’s days as the top dog currency are numbered as countries seek to trade in different currencies. And Donald Trump is hastening the fall of the dollar and the empire’s demise.


Obama's Pro-war, Pro-Corporate Choices

A Hard-nosed Compilation

Shortly after Obama’s election I began to become disappointed with many of his policies, appointments, and approaches. While there were signs of hope early on, it soon seemed to devolve into business as usual. Early on I began writing down some of the things that disappointed me. Little did I know how far reaching my list was to become.

In my opinion, as an overview of Barack Obama’s presidency, although he has done some good things, in most cases they were severely compromised by his lack of fighting for them, or they have been severely undermined by the fact that the structure of the government and its priorities and its support of corporate greed and destruction have not changed and remain upside down, which he has for the most part supported and promoted.

Obama and his supporters have complained that the progressives want too much too fast. That’s not it. Legitimate complications and conflicts among politicians is one thing but backroom shady deals with big money interests putting their profits ahead of the welfare of the people is something else. And he has consistently done that.

A line from a Martin Luther King speech strikes me as perfect for the Obama administration.

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ”

As Obama throws crumbs to us in the form of a smattering of social and environmental progress, he reinforces dramatically the "edifice" that creates the woes that compound social and economic injustice, increase hate in the world, and destroy the planet.

The real importance of this compilation is that facts are needed to counter the phenomenon of Obama floating through his presidency while good-hearted Democrats were asleep. With his charisma and message of hope and change, the vast majority of Democrats who were not inclined to take the effort to really see what was happening, relied on the mainstream media for their information, and remained Obama supporters.

In the “liberal” media Obama was heroic, struggling against an insane Republican party. We were sold the idea that Obama did what he could, fighting against the Republican resistance. Fact of the matter is that Obama was adamantly pro-war, pro-empire, pro-corporate, and pro-American Exceptionalism.

This Democratic torpor, the Obama Denial Syndrome, was the first stage of the malady that gave rise to the next stage, Trump Denial Syndrome, which led Democrats to spend the first 3 years of Trump’s presidency focusing on Russiagate, a fantasy packaged by the Democratic Party and the Deep State, instead, again, of focusing on what is really going on, on what Trump is really doing. Also many seem to harbor the idea that if we can just get rid of Trump and replace him with a Democrat, then we can get back to the good old days of business as usual.

So, let’s look at the reality of Barack Obama’s good old days.


The Covid / Lockdown Crisis

Alternative Information & Sources

The premise of this book is that the compliance with a form of martial law dictated by authorities is being on the whole far too easily accepted by the masses. Some people are just prone to be compliant with authority. Others thought originally that the potential danger of a horrific epidemic sweeping across the globe warranted compliance with rules dictated by people in the know, and now, months later, believe in extreme caution as we attempt to get back to normal.

But few seem to question whether these people deserve our trust or question if they have an agenda. These are very dangerous times and it behooves every one of us to put effort into finding out what is really going on. People, strangely especially on the left of the political spectrum, seem to have lost any kind of healthy skepticism about those in governmental power, large corporate power, Big Pharma’s power, or the agendas of the wealthy elite.

The purpose of this book is to take an extensive look at the Covid / Lockdown Crisis. Was / is it simply a case of a naturally caused virus randomly developing at this particular time in history that turns out to be extremely deadly; so much so that it warranted / warrants drastic dramatic changes in our behavior to deal with it? Or was a nefarious plot hatched by a cabal in secret with the plan to release a virus into our midst and to use the crisis to their ends? Or was it somewhere in the middle?

The aim of this book is to make it easy for people who are not familiar with alternative sources to go directly to sources of information via links, offering exposure to people with their own ideas, professionals offering data and their interpretation of it, and to people who are real investigative journalists; as opposed to the stenographers to power that the mainstream media has become.

The mainstream media and the government spit out the phrase “conspiracy theory” like it’s poison. When you hear them say “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist”, it probably means they have something to hide. It means they are lying to you and want to demonize anyone who thinks that there is something else going on other than the party line. They want you to believe something and want you to dismiss dissenting alternative voices.

Conspiracy theories are good things. It is what intelligent people do who are interested in finding out what is really going on and what individuals or groups might have an interest in certain outcomes. There is much in the linked articles and videos in this book that suggest there are people with agendas who hope for certain results related to the Covid / Lockdown crisis. It’s up to each person who has an interest in finding out the truth to decide for themselves.

Trying to find out in this current crisis is not a whimsical endeavor; something to do just because it would be cool to investigate it. Unlike the Kennedy assassination, which if we finally found out the truth would change really nothing, the Covid / Lockdown crisis is ongoing with lots of future implications. In the 60’s when Kennedy was murdered there was little we could do. There were a very few good alternative outlets (low budget magazines - Ramparts, for example) who did investigative reporting. Now with the internet it’s a different story and it behooves us to use it to form more informed opinions.

This book is a resource guide for alternative Covid information. What do I mean by alternative? I mean information that is not funneled by official channels. Info that you will not be told by the World Health Organization (usually referred to simply as the WHO in this book) or by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Or by any of the mainstream media or government officials.

One of the biggest problems in the world
is that people don't believe that doing what is right will work,

when in fact it is the only thing that will work.

- The Truth Seeker's Handbook