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My name is Roger Brown, aka Roger Golden Brown.

I am now living in Oregon, but Texas looks like it may be my home soon.

I have lived in many places and done quite a variety of work, Some of the work, such as building massage tables, has a place in this site.

An integral part of a significant period of my life was writing in journals. This started on San Juan Island in Washington State (my home) in 1975. I wrote almost daily for over 20 years, recording observations, thoughts, feelings, dreams (both the nighttime and the aspirational varieties), and experiences; both physical experiences and some more etheric experiences. I have expanded on and reworked some of these writings into several books, which are offered in this site.

So what else “about me”. Although a card carrying member of the universe, I am also an American and a part of me rises and falls with the struggle this country is currently undergoing in an attempt to shuck off the obsolete and destructive paradigm we seem to be so locked into. We have such an opportunity to be the vanguard, because our influence is so broad.

I was born to a British mother and a father (pictured to the left) whose family tree goes back to the 1500’s in America. I was raised a Quaker. My father was an inspiration in every sense. Also my entrance onto the Earth scene was timed to be someone born to be at the heart of the hippie movement and to contribute to helping the world change for the better. I was also born an Aquarian. And I embrace that.

So welcome to a slice of my life.


If you would like any information or would simply like to communicate, I would be glad to hear from you. Contact me here.

Making all possible mistakes is the philosophic foundation for learning whole truths.

– Hollywood Harry