Centers for Disease Control PDF Downloads

The CDC’s August 26 update showing only 6% of Covid deaths were from Covid only.

CDC – COVID-19 Provisional Counts – August 26, 2020 Update by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics

Here the CDC, on March 24th, introduces the new death Certificate Code for Covid and explains the liberal protocols for using it. And on April 3rd publishes guidance for the new protocols.

CDC, NVSS – New ICD Code Introduced For COVID-19 Deaths

CDC, NVSS – Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19)

The 2003 pre-Covid death certificate code protocols.

CDC Physician’s Handbook on Medical Certification of Death -2003 Revision

Here they go into methods to encourage vaccination including a media fear campaign.

CDC Fear Tactics to Get People to Vaccinate

The next 2 show how much of the CDC’s expenditures are vaccine oriented.

CDC Budget Request Overview

CDC Allocation of Contracts