But What About New Cases?

This article is an excerpt reprinted from the June 29, 2020 Newsletter from Pamela A. Popper, President, Wellness Forum Health

There are several issues concerning “new cases.” The first is that tens of millions of people are now being tested, and most are asymptomatic. Regardless of health status at the time of the test, all positives are being reported as “cases.” In other words, people who are healthy and have no symptoms are now “cases.”

Second, the tests are incredibly inaccurate. Tests for COVID-19 were approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization, which means that they were only required to perform well in test tubes and no real world demonstration of clinical viability was required, according to David Pride MD, associate director of microbiology at the University of California San Diego.[17]

Several issues were never addressed. One is the risk of cross-reactivity with other viruses. Another is that the presence of coronavirus is likely to remain for several months after the infectious period has passed, which means the tests are useless for determining who should be quarantined. Yet another is the risk of cross contamination, particularly when testing large numbers of people in crowded settings. Even the tiniest amount of cross contamination can lead to a false positive result, which means people who are have never been exposed to COVID19 could be subjected to unwarranted quarantines.

The tests are produced by several vendors, and each has established its own and as-yet-unmeasured accuracy. The variations are myriad, according to Dr. Pride. He says that some tests can detect as few as 100 copies of a viral gene while others require 400 copies for detection.[18] Additionally, most will show positive results for as long as 6 months, while the actual time the person is contagious is only a few days.

Some experts, like Dr. Steven Woloshin of Dartmouth College, are suggesting that perhaps the FDA should actually investigate the tests further to determine which ones, if any, are accurate. What a concept!

There are currently 110 different screening tests in use, and the FDA says it has asked the makers of tests to perform follow-up studies, and that it is tracking “problems” with the tests. But what we know now is that the makers of these tests cannot report how often the tests falsely clear or wrongly diagnose patients. The only requirement for approval was 60 test tube samples which, according to Dr. Robert Kaplan of Stanford University, have little resemblance to real-world situations. He says, “You’re testing people in parking lots, the patients themselves are extremely anxious and unable to follow instructions.”

The FDA issued a warning to doctors in May concerning Abbott Lab’s rapid ID Now test, stating that it was inaccurate between one third and 50% of the time. Accuracy issues with this test have been identified by researchers are Stanford, Cleveland Clinic, and Loyola University.[19]  Abbott denies this but has not submitted any data. I suppose we are just supposed to take their word for it.

If the error rate is actually as high as 50%, there could be millions of people who have erroneously tested positive, thus inflating the number of “cases.”

And then there is even more deception. According to an article in the Arizona Republic on Weds June 10, experts report that, “Arizona’s COVID-19 spread is ‘alarming’ and action is needed.” Yahoo News reported a spike in cases in all southwestern states.[20]

The reality? More cases are being diagnosed because more people are showing up for healthcare services which were delayed while the fake pandemic was at its height. In most cases, facilities are requiring that these people get tested as a requirement for care. Thousands of asymptomatic people are testing positive (we’ll ignore the fact that the tests are inaccurate for a moment). These asymptomatic people are reported as cases. According to health officials, in early June the increase in hospitalizations was due to people who were finally able to have “elective surgeries” starting May 1. According to Arizona Health Director Dr. Cara Christ, most beds were in use by non-COVID patients.”[21] In fact, there was only one new admission for COVID on June 8.[22]

So how does the media report that hospitalizations of COVID patients are up? By reporting everyone who is in the hospital who tests positive as a “case.” Having your knee replaced and tested positive for COVID? Counted as hospitalization for COVID. Having a stent replaced and tested positive for COVID? You are classified as a hospitalization for COVID. See how it works? You can create a whole new pandemic and reason for wearing masks, and being panicked and social distancing and keeping schools closed just by misrepresenting the data. And it is being done every day.

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