The Covid / Lockdown Crisis eBook

The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources

(Intro for the book, written Summer, 2020)

These are dangerous times. I have for months now observed the compliance by so many people with a form of martial law. Fear is the catalyst for the compliance. I was, at first, scared of the novel virus, imagining it lurking everywhere, having been flooded with predictions of nightmarish horror in the news.

Thanks to some alternative news and trusted information sources that I have bookmarked and have checked in on regularly for many years, I began to see there was more to the story.

So I read more and watched videos, and tried to connect some dots, and learn whether the authorities who are insisting what things we must do and how necessary it is, are to be trusted.

I think if someone’s going to tell you that you can’t walk closer than 6 feet from other humans and need to wear a mask if you dare leave your house, shuts down business so 40 million people lose their jobs, it behooves one to find out who they are and if they are to be trusted. And if they have agendas.

Needless to say mainstream media is not telling you what is really going on.

I have written / compiled an eBook that is aimed at people who mostly get their news from mainstream media and would like to explore some alternate opinions and data that gives perspective to the current crisis. My book, called, “The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources” is full of links to information that offer a much different picture as to what is going on; links to lots of articles and videos.

For those of you who are alternative information source savvy, maybe you’re way ahead of me. But maybe it still has something to offer.

Trust no one outright. Ask questions. Build your own picture.

I send you all love and humanity, which we must never lose sight of.

The eBook can be downloaded below in 3 formats or for more formats find the book on my Smashwords author page. (There you can also find other books of mine.)

It’s free.

The chapters in the book are:

• Bill Gates

• The Fear Factor

• Data

• Lockdown Consequences And Implications

• Disaster Capitalism

• United States’ Mismanaged Response?

• More On Vaccines, WHO, CDC

• Events And Agendas Preceding The Arrival Of Covid

• The New Normal – What Is Already Happening

• The New Normal – What’s On The Drawing Board

• General Discussions On The Intentionality Of The Scam

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