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The four eBooks previewed and linked to here are:

False Paradigms of the Left,  The United State’s Empire and its Fall, Obama’s Pro-War, Pro-Corporate Choices, The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources

False Paradigms of the Left looks at a number of paradigms that are blindly assumed to be true by such a wide part of society and parroted in the media unquestionably. It targets the left that sees itself as progressive but is still stuck on dysfunctional and destructive paradigms.


 The United State’s Empire and its Fall is about how the United States has become the largest empire the world has ever known. Be it by military conquest, blackmail, or intimidation, the United States has extended its influence to every corner of the earth. And as the United States government focuses so much of its resources and energy towards world domination, the needs of the people the government is supposed to represent are being neglected.


Shortly after Obama’s election I began to become disappointed with many of his policies, appointments, and approaches. While there were signs of hope early on, it soon seemed to devolve into business as usual. Early on I began writing down some of the things that disappointed me. Little did I know how far reaching my list was to become.

Obama’s Pro-War, Pro-Corporate Choices is that compilation, organized in 7 main sections, most with subsections.
The real importance of this compilation is that facts are needed to counter the phenomenon of Obama floating through his presidency while good-hearted Democrats were asleep. With his charisma and message of hope and change, the vast majority of Democrats who were not inclined to take the effort to really see what was happening, relied on the mainstream media for their information, and remained Obama supporters, reality neatly avoided.


The Covid / Lockdown Crisis – Alternative Information & Sources is a book I felt compelled to write / compile to address these dangerous times. I have for months now observed the compliance by so many people with a form of martial law. Fear is the catalyst for the compliance. I was, at first, scared of the novel virus, imagining it lurking everywhere, having been flooded with predictions of nightmarish horror in the news.

Thanks to some alternative news and information sources that I have bookmarked and have checked in on regularly for many years, I began to see there was more to the story.

So I read more and watched videos, and tried to connect some dots, and learn whether the authorities who are insisting what things we must do and how necessary it is, are to be trusted.

I think if someone’s going to tell you that you can’t walk closer than 6 feet from other humans and need to wear a mask if you dare leave your house, shuts down business so 40 million people lose their jobs, it behooves one to find out who they are and if they are to be trusted. And if they have agendas.

Needless to say mainstream media is not telling you what is really going on.

Trust no one outright. Ask questions. Build your own picture.

The epub, mobi, and PDF formats can also be downloaded from this website on the Covid / Lockdown Crisis page.

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