Rog’s Quasar Video Channels

This page is downloadable PDFs related to videos posted on my BitChute video channel. So far the content is reposting of others’ video, but original content is coming soon.

Quasar BitChute Channel (my most popular channel)

Quasar Rumble Channel (same content as the BitChute channel)

Quasar Odysee Channel (same content as the BitChute channel until, as of February, 2023, no more new videos posted)

Click their titles below to read and/or download them. These documents will be updated shortly after new videos have been posted or any other changes have been made, and when I do I will note the date of the update under its button.

Here are the downloadable PDFs listed. For descriptions of each, scroll down.

Most recent update is in the title.
Updated December 7, 2022


• Roger’s Quasar Video Channel Index

An index of links to all of the videos posted on my BitChute video channel. January, 2024 completely reworked into sections by topic.

• Quasar Grand Jury Videos in Order with Links

When Reiner Fuellmich recorded and posted his Grand Jury Proceedings (each day being 5 or so hours, each with several different people) I followed it closely and subsequently I isolated each person’s testimony into individual videos. These are all posted on my Quasar BitChute channel. This PDF is a list of links to each of the videos of the witnesses and experts that appear in 6 days of testimony in order of their appearance.

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