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This page is a compliment to the Global Coup Related Specific Topic PDFs. Instead of researched and footnoted information about various players or Global Coup related subjects, this will be articles; more in the line of my take on the many facets of the assault.

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• Agency and the Covid Psyop

There is one aspect of the Covid psyop that I never seem to hear anybody talking about and that is the idea of Agency. Western medicine is at its roots propaganda and for a hundred years now it, by its very nature and design, has been eroding the idea of people having agency. This Covid madness is the extreme (and I suppose inevitable) extension of that.

• Communism, The Inevitable Result of Capitalism?

The purpose of this paper is to look at where it seems the Global Coup’s new normal is headed, which I believe will be a form of communism, not completely unlike Soviet communism. But in this case it will not be socialism that has lead to it but instead will have been capitalism, with Klaus Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” having corporations as the “trustees of society”.

• Mass Formation, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Covid Hypnosis

This looks at what mass formation is, then takes a look at how recent social and political conditions created fertile ground for its development, and in particular how perfectly set up it was for the arrival of the Covid terror campaign.

• Excerpts From My Books

These two articles are both excerpts from my writings published in a couple of books. Both are offered here in light of the current Mass Formation which is enabled by a general ongoing societal hypnosis. See the end of each article for more on Mass Formation.

• Regarding Covid Case Statistics

Be very wary anytime you hear Covid case statistics used. The PCR process, falsely called a test, is, when used as a test, extremely flawed and really almost worthless.

• Disruptive Technology

While studying technocrats such as the World Economic Forum I began to notice the word “disruptive” being used in reference to new technology. This PDF will look at what “disruptive technology” is, track a bit of its history, and look at it in the digital age and finally, list some of the up and coming disruptive technologies along with some links for further research, should the reader wish to go deeper.

• Covid Vaccine Informed Consent Checklist

Here is a suggested list of things to inform people about who are considering getting the Covid jab. It is something that I compiled and think all medical people who are jabbing should follow.

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