Hypnosis, Drip Noses

Tweedle Dee Dee, Tweedle Dee Dum,
Pick your nose with your thumb.
Paint a picture with your toe,
There are no rules which way to go.
When I say no, ignore it please,
Don’t cover your mouth when you sneeze.
You can be as weird as you like,
You can even be black, instead of white.
I don’t care, ’cause I am not,
Hypnotized; or bound with thought.

Tweedle Dee Dee, Tweedle Dee Dum,
Park Avenue or a slum.
You think you’re different; you’re really cool,
Doesn’t matter which, if you follow a rule.
You act like you’re supposed to,
I think you’re like mosta you.
Don’t ever ask why there’s pie in the sky,
Or the grass is greener, when you know it’s a lie.
You feel safe as a bug in a rug,
Hypnotized; it’s better than a drug.

Tweedle Dee Dum, Tweedle Dee Dee,
You can change it, you see.
Feel your feel, it’s what you are,
That’s how you get to be a star.
Act your act and play your play,
You see, you’re beautiful that way.
Love your Love and I’ll love mine,
Really free, you can’t help but shine.
You have a choice, so please be bold,
Hypnosis, drip noses. Shake the society cold.