Climate Change ???

Human Caused Climate Change?

A Skeptical Look at the Narrative

After months of work, finally the 12 part package, Human Caused Climate Change? A Skeptical Look at the Narrative, goes live.

This is 12 separate PDFs (each one related to a different topic) that offer information and views skeptical of the mainstream “settled science”, “consensus” climate change narrative. Below is a downloadable zip file that contains all 12 PDFs, and also also each of the 12 separate PDFs you can look at and/or download. (The zip file is 7.6 MB, all of the individual files together, 8.4MB)

Covered are reports from skeptical scientists (many), critiques of the media’s narrative, a look at computer models, at the IPCC and the scientists’ fraud, and the bigger picture of the politics driving the narrative. And, of course, as in all of my PDFs, lots of live links to sources.

Below the download buttons are brief descriptions of each of the PDFs.

I highly recommend that the first PDF, the Introduction, be read first (it’s only a few pages long) as it explains the intent and the scope of the package.

Note: There are also a few other PDFs further down that aren’t part of the Human Caused Climate Change? A Skeptical Look at the Narrative package but that are climate related.


Two more climate related downloads:


1) Introduction to Human Caused Climate Change? A Skeptical Look at the Narrative

This explains the intent and scope of the project plus a little more introductory information.

2) The Bigger Picture – Climate Changes Through History

This includes graphs and data from a number of sources showing how the climate has been changing forever. And showing that you don’t have to go that far back to find a warmer planet than it is now, long before we were burning hydrocarbons.

3) Individual Issues of the Narrative

Polar ice disappearing and polar bears in jeopardy, increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters, sea level rise – is what we’re fed really true? Is there really a consensus among scientists? This PDF offers real reasons to be skeptical about those indicators of a rapidly warming planet that they say are contributing to Earth’s demise.

4) Fear Mongering, Propaganda Tactics and Media Nonsense

Fact free or context free information repeated enough doesn’t need to be intellectually believed. It worms its way into the psyche and is believed by osmosis. That’s how advertising works. This PDF looks at the propaganda tactic of repeated news and exposes how so much of it is complete nonsense.

5) CO2

This PDF has some interesting information about CO2, the big ugly culprit. It has been declared a pollutant, there are myriad plans to regulate it (and us, consequently)… and it is necessary for plant life to grow and thrive which is how we are provided with oxygen.

6) Global Climate Models and Their Predictions

Earth’s incredibly complex and dynamic system and the amount of variables at play that influence the climate make the idea of programming some data into a computer and having it forecast the climate preposterous. This PDF looks first at how the models are programmed and then at some of the failures of the models and why they and the programmers fail.

7) The Downsides of Green Energy

Any policy needs to be based on solid information and also on a cost-benefit analysis. The downsides of green energy are not drilled into our heads like the catastrophe fear. Aside from the manufacture of solar panels and windmills using hydrocarbon based energy, they use incredibly more rare minerals than fossil fuels energy. Wind is renewable as is the sun, but lithium and other rare minerals are not.

8) ClimageGate, the IPCC, and Cheating Scientists

In 2009 there was a huge hack of a server at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain, considered to be a premier climate change research group. This looks at some of what was exposed. It also critiques the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And some of the fraud perpetrated by scientists is shown.

9) Climate Change’s Technocratic Machinations

The goal of the actions being taken, ostensibly to save the Earth, other than the big money flowing into Swiss bank accounts, is control. This looks at the legislation and projects that are already beginning to force our society to change. And change in a way that makes more and more aspects of our lives controlled and surveilled.

10) The Grift

The origins of the climate narrative are explained. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum (Al Gore is on their Board of Trustees), and the wealthy elite want people in fear so more legislation can be passed to control human activity. This PDF shows how Big Oil and Green groups are on the same team. And it shows the move toward global governance.

11) Climate Related Websites & Sources

Here you can find links to websites that are dedicated to a skeptical approach to climate science. Some are scientists, some are journalists. There is also a link to a huge library of climate related PDFs; sources for open minded people to explore.

12) Climate Glossary

Terms and abbreviations encountered in the world of climate science; mostly just that appear in these documents.

• Climate Change? Skeptical Sources + some Data and Dogma PDFs

A PDF with links to over 80 PDFs, many of which are referenced in Human Caused Climate Change?A Skeptical Look at the Narrative, and many more that aren’t. All available to read or download.

• Total Wildland Fires and Acres (1926-2019) – National Interagency Fire Center

This is copy of a page showing information about US wildfires that has been scrubbed by the NIFC and is now only accessible using the Wayback Machine.