The World Economic Forum PDF Downloads

These PDFs are from the World Economic Forum. Led by Klaus Schwab and the wealthy elite that meet in Davos, Switzerland every year, they want to usher in their Fourth Industrial Revolution and Stakeholder Capitalism by their June 3 announced Great Reset.

The first of these two PDFs is a brochure that introduces the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the WEF’s envisioned highly technological future that will touch every aspect of everyone’s life. The second is Klaus Schwab’s 2016 book about it.

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network for Global Technology Governance Brochure

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This PDF is Klaus Schwab’s book about the Covid leveraged Great Reset.

COVID-19 – The Great Reset

Part of the Great Reset is the “Build Back Better” mantra.

Building Back Better-An Action Plan for the Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry

In this very short PDF Schwab outlines the principles of “Stakeholder Capitalism” for the “Covid era”.

Stakeholder Principles in the COVID Era

This is an extensive look at world-wide risks, both natural and the failures of humanity, the 15th in a series.

The Global Risk Report 2020