The New Normal PDF Downloads

The Duke Compact is the Orwellian compact for students that sounds like a cult initiation and pledge to conform – for the good of all. Below that is the detailed reference guide for students to make sure they walk the straight and narrow. (This is just one college’s new normal; one of many.)

Duke Compact

Duke Compact Quick Reference Guide

This PDF from Unified Teachers Los Angeles seems to be a BLM inspired color oriented look at the new normal for Los Angeles schools. Their new normal chastises the old normal, “the United States [Trump] has chosen to prioritize profits over people.” And warns, “biology has rules even if we choose to ignore them.”

UTLA (Los Angeles) – Starting School in 2020

This PDF details the dystopian world passengers will necessarily enter if they want to fly in the new normal.

IATA – A Roadmap for Restarting Aviation

Published by Washington State on June 27, the protocol for quarantining citizens is outlined.

Washington State 6:27:2020 – Procedures For Isolation Or Quarantine