Vaccine Related PDF Downloads

This PDF comes from the Plandemic website. It is first a list of links to more information related to the different personalities in the movie. Then if you scroll down to page 10, it has links to the sources referred to in the movie.

Plandemic – The Rabbit Hole

This is a press release by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation of their launching of the Decades of Vaccines. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is a member of the Leadership Council.

Global Health Leaders Launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration

This is Moderna’s patent application for their mRNA vaccine.

Moderna March 28, 2019 Patent Application

This is a white paper published by Moderna in 2017 about mRNA vaccines.

Moderna – mRNA Vaccines – Disruptive Innovation in Vaccination

The European Commission Roadmap on Vaccination PDF is an outline of the timeline that the EU has set to implement a pan-European vaccination program, including addressing “vaccine hesitancy.” Below that are three more PDFs that it linked to.

European Commission Roadmap on Vaccination

State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU 2018

Designing and implementing an immunisation information system – ECDC

Europeans’ attitudes towards vaccination – Austria

And if you ever had any doubts whether there were psyop elements to this crisis, this PDF is from, which is a “database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.” Here a Yale study is exploring the ways they can make people, through psychological manipulation, more likely to look favorably at getting vaccinated.

Yale Study – COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1

In a similar vein as the Yale study, here Washington State is suggesting using the same propaganda techniques for flouride hesitancy as for vaccine hesitancy.

Washington State – Addressing Fluoride Hesitancy Using Immunization Approaches