One Fell Swoop

In one fell swoop, the United States government, with the co-operation of the states’ governors, damaged the country more than Mao Zedong, the Soviet Red Menace, Iran, or Muslim terrorists ever could have.

• They kicked 1/4 of the country’s work force out of their jobs, many of them losing their health insurance at the same time.

• They outlawed the freedom of assembly.

• They shut down all forms of culture: sporting events, concerts, bars, comedy clubs, outdoor music festivals, picnics, gatherings of any sort.

• They ended the freedom of religious congregations.

• Shut down all schools.

• They closed the hospitals for 3 months.

• They restricted travel to some extent.

• The entire culture has been excoriated.

And remember their reasonings, all those things that they used to say: if the communists take over we will lose our freedoms, our way of life, the things we take for granted. Our government sent off young men to Vietnam, who sacrificed their lives and limbs because if the communists won the dominoes would fall and we’d lose it all; we’d lose everything we hold dear. The freedoms that make us better than them.

And then there was the terrorists. They attacked us because they hated our freedom. We had to build up and expand our military footprint and intervene all over the Mid-East to protect our freedoms.

Well, the communists did win and we were unaffected by it. And the terrorist have not hurt us in any significant way. Now, in one fell swoop, all those things we were supposed to be fighting to protect – gone. Now, we are told we can have our freedom back, in time, if we only do what we’re told.

And we’ve been told forever that joblessness is the scourge of a society. And many statistics back up the impact of joblessness on the well-being of individuals. And all those trade deals that were so hotly debated, would they benefit American workers? Or what about the immigrants, stealing our jobs? Or the work ethic?

In one fell swoop all that is moot.

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