The Truth Seeker's Handbook

A Spiritual Guide for Life on Earth

The Truth Seeker’s Handbook is a guide for experiencing life, looking at it and asking questions. Be present, be observant and be sincere. I call it a spiritual guide because the desire to commune and to harmonize is really what spirit is all about. Everything is and all of us are energy. Add to that personality and you have a recipe for movement. And that is really the big question, isn’t it. As we move do we move in harmony or do we meet resistance? I don’t claim to have all of the answers, I too am seeker. But there have been those moments when clarity reared its beautiful head and what seemed to be truth shone through. I have learned in my life that when I have epiphanies or see something clearly that what is most important is the feeling, the energy I feel at that moment; something in my whole being that says this is real. And when that happens, and further down the line I am struggling and looking back and doubting what I saw then, I remember the knowing and validate the experience. In this way what we learn is not lost. In this book I share what I believe to be true. But more importantly, I hope to provoke your thoughts and open up a dialogue.

The Truth Seeker’s Handbook is written in 4 parts.

Themes” consists of a number of themes that developed naturally from my journals writings that go to some of the core issues of life.

Earth in Peril” is a look at the inner relationship that we have with the planet and the reasons why we do harm to our home.

True Stories” is just that; a few tales from my life and of some of the serendipity I have experienced and the interesting people I have encountered.

Reminders” is a collection of short entries that are perhaps philosophy if they are deep enough to qualify as that; references for daily living.



Heading Out

Cosmic and Cryptic Poetry and Prose


Heading Out Poem on Map 

So grab aholt of the right maps (or the best maps available) and head out.

Head out into the land of cosmic and cryptic poetry and prose. Feel the longings of the body and soul. Challenge the paradigms of society. Hunger for the natural life on a thriving planet. Seek balance. Look for real sanity and true love. And while you are at, have some fun, why don’t you.

Read these poems for what they are. Words. Crafted together (I give myself too much credit) from all the words I know and some I don’t know. Most of them just spilled out of me, needing just a little shaping to become something I liked (usually). I think they all mean something and say something, though I’m not sure. Read them, be sure you know what they are about.... or not. Agree, disagree, be challenged, be amused, be turned on. And hopefully enjoy. Maybe they will help you find your way home (if that’s where you want to go).

Most of the poetry in Heading Out spilled out of my mind and pen during a prolific period of lyric writing in the 1980’s and 90’s. I was compelled to compile it into a book but as it turned out it would be a while until it became available in eBook and print form. In the interim I had a brief era in the 2000’s where I wrote a handful of new poems and prose of a very different flavor; these perhaps a little looser. Finally I include a section of poemlets and writings dredged up from the way back.

One of the biggest problems in the world
is that people don't believe that doing what is right will work,

when in fact it is the only thing that will work.

- The Truth Seeker's Handbook