Obama Bad

Obama with Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric and chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, a panel Obama created by executive order. (GE paid no taxes last year and has been a major outsourcer of jobs overseas.)



Obama Bad

Shortly after Obama’s election I began to become disappointed with many of his policies, appointments, and approaches. While there were signs of hope early on, it soon seemed to devolve into business as usual. Early on I began to write down some of the things that disappointed me. Little did I know how far reaching my list was to become.

There are people on the left who have expressed disappointment but still “support” him. For me it has gone way beyond disappointment. And there is no way I could possibly support the man.

I hope that with this list, anyone who still supports him, can at least see the breadth of the madness they are supporting. If he was Republican the Democrats would be eating him alive.

Also some food for thought. If he’s this far right while needing support from the left to get re-elected, just imagine when he doesn’t need that support at all.

Please go to the Obama Bad page under “Writings, Poems, and Such” in the menu above to read the list and to download a PDF.

As each item was added to the list I did some research, albeit not deep hard investigative work. I leave it to the interested reader and explorer to do their own research if they are so inclined. It’s just information.

May we find some way to trickle up the decency, justice, and fairness that most of us would like to see flourish in this world.

Be excellent to each other.

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